Roblox Oil Simulator is a game on Roblox that was produced by PowerUp Studio.The game has reached 3500+ players at one time, and has had many youtube videos, including 2 videos made by Seniac. The game was created 6/17/18.

How to Play

To start earning money, first, you need to place a storage item, which will increase your Storage Points (SP). Next, you need to place a earner item to generate oil. Your storage can only hold a certain amount of oil, so when you have no more space left, you must go to the middle and click the Oil Machine. The Oil Machine collects your oil, and gives you cash in return. You can use this cash to buy shop items, which can earn and store much more. Once you have enough cash, you can Reawaken and sacrifice all your items (excluding Rebirth, Evolved, Fun), but get a powerful new item. Read below for more info.


The goal of the game is to reawaken as much as possible. You can reach a reawaken by saving enough money, you can also find the price of your next rebirth in Settings (Click R). Rebirths are very exspensive, but they give exclusive, powerful items that can not be obtained anywhere else. As you progress, it gets easier to rebirth, and if you can reach 500 rebirths, you can do a Ultimate Reawaken . Ultimate Reawaken gives a very powerful item that is exclusive to Ultimate Rebirth. There are also Evolved Items , these are items that you can create by placing the required amount of rebirth items on your plot, then rebirthing to obtain the item. Evolved Items are worth more than the items you sacrifice for them, and it is easily worth the items you give up.

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